About Us

Who Are We?

We are team of highly professionals and have Intensive Experience in Education & Migration Industry. We have assisted numerous students in obtaining their academic goals in reputable universities and colleges in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

With well-qualified and trained counsellors, we always strive to provide students with ethical counselling by only giving them with the most genuine and honest advice. We can therefore give you the best road map possible, regardless of whether you are unsure of which subject to take or if you will be able to afford to attend a university.

Why Choose Us?

Migrating to another country is a life changing decision. It’s important to get good results – At Redland Immigration you’ll find Immigration Consultants who : Are ethical, open and honest with every client. Are qualified to interpret immigration laws and policy and advise you. Are experienced and competent to be able to communicate with the relevant immigration department, embassy and visa officers on your behalf. Are frank and honest about your prospects of success even before you retain our services. Are frank and honest about your prospects of success even before you retain our services.

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Our Timeline

  • October 2020.

    Established in 2020 in Parkdale.

  • Jan 2021.

    First office in India.

  • February 2023.

    Opened the Melbourne branch.

  • Present.

    Have currently served more than 2000 happy clients.

The Exective Team

Within our immigration consultancy team, a dynamic group of seasoned professionals collaborates seamlessly to navigate the complexities of global mobility. Our diverse team comprises immigration specialists, legal experts, and cultural liaisons, all driven by a shared commitment to facilitating smooth and successful immigration processes for our clients

Naveen Chaudhary

Naveen Chaudhary

Director, Registerd Migration Agent
MARN - 2217847

" Every visa stamped is a story of ambition realized, and every client served is a testament to our commitment to turning borders into gateways "